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Possum Removal

Humane Possum removal with a free possum advice hotline,
same day emergency service and a 12 month guarantee.
Serving Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Newcastle, Wollongong
and the Central Coast.

Bird Removal

Do you hear noises in your roof?
Are birds keeping you awake all night?
Are you getting bitten by something in your house?
Do you have bird droppings everywhere?
12 Month Guarantee
We’re fully insured and all our work is guaranteed for 12 months. If a possum gets back in your roof, we’ll fix it for free.

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Emergency Service
All Areas
Is a possum staring at you right now? We have certified wildlife handlers all over Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Newcastle, Wollongong, and the Central Coast.
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Some possum problems you can solve yourself, others may require the help of a trained professional. Either way, we’d love to offer some advice.